Where Does the Evidence Lead? - La Habra, CA Illustra Media 2003 - Six 10-min. segments

For more than a century, Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection has defined biology. Yet today, a growing number of scientists question its ability to account for the origin and diversity of life. This six-part series examines Darwinian evolution and presents a powerful challenge to its validity: the theory of intelligent design.

WHERE DOES THE EVIDENCE LEAD? contains excerpts from the video UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF LIFE. The six 10-minute programs are:

1. Life: The Big Questions
A new challenge to the theory of natural selection.

2. What Darwin Didn't Know
Exploring the complexity of the living cell.

3. Molecules & Mousetraps
Molecular machines that defy Darwin's theory.

4. How Did Life Begin?
Why "chance" cannot explain the origin of life.

5. The Language of Life
DNA genetic information, and life on Earth.

6. The Design Inference
The scientific evidence for intelligent design.