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Count Zinzendorf   Publication: Worcester, PA Vision Video . Four 25-min. segments , The Rich Young Ruler Who Said Yes: a little-known true story about what it really means to serve God. Holdings: GRBC Library
Icons of Evolution: The Growing Scientific Controversy Over Darwinism   Publication: Palmer Lake, CO ColdWater Media 2002 . 51 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I by Martin, Dr. Jobe Publication: Rockwall, TX Reel Productions 2000 . 50 min. , The INCREDIBLE CREATURES THAT DEFY EVOLUTION series enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory. This series features Dr. Jobe Martin, who for the past 20 years, has been exploring evolution vs. creation. His findings have been fascinating students around the world as he lectures on these remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution. Dr. Martin himself was a traditional evolutionist, but his medical and scientific training would go through an evolution -- or rather a revolution -- when he began to study animals that challenged the scientific assumptions of his education. This was the beginning of the evolution of a creationist. Holdings: GRBC Library
John Wycliffe: The Morning Star   Publication: Worcester, PA Vision Video 1984 . 75 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
Joni   Publication: World Wide Pictures 1979 . 110 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
Luther   Publication: Santa Monica, CA MGM 2003 . 124 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
Malcolm Muggeridge   Publication: Worcester, PA Vision Video . 43 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness   Publication: Beverly Hills, CA Twentieth Century Fox 1958 . 158 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
The Newtons' Workshop: The DNA Decoders / The Pollution Solution by Moody Kids Video Publication: Chicago, IL Moody Publishers 2006 . 28 min. each / 56 min. total Holdings: GRBC Library
The Story of Amy Carmichael and the Dohnavur Fellowship   Publication: Worcester, PA Vision Video 2002 . 50 min. , AMMA: A look at Amy's life and the continuing work to this day of the Dohnavur Fellowship which she founded. Holdings: GRBC Library
Voyage Inside the Cell   Publication: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France Digital Studio 2000 . appx. 15 min. Holdings: GRBC Library
Where Does the Evidence Lead?   Publication: La Habra, CA Illustra Media 2003 . Six 10-min. segments Holdings: GRBC Library
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